External student activities


As a UNAM student, you can carry out thesis, social service and professional practices under the direction of the academic staff, collaborating in their lines of research or in a specific project.

Puedes consultar los lineamientos para estudiantes asociados al CFATA y revisar la información del Formato de registro.

For students from other universities, we suggest consulting your institution for the procedure to follow so you can carry out academic activities with us.

(+52) 442 238 1152
Ext. 34152


At CFATA, students of various undergraduate and graduate degrees can develop research projects or the work necessary to achieve their degree (undergraduate) or graduation (master's or doctorate), advised by experimental and theoretical academics from the Center.

Those interested can consult the areas of research of the Center and contact the faculty directly.
Faculty directory.

Once the thesis project has been agreed upon with the faculty, the student must register in the Center's Partnerships Department.

The procedures associated with the registration of a thesis depend on the institution of origin, so we suggest consulting with them before starting your work at CFATA.

Social Service

It is possible to do your social service under the advice of one of the CFATA academics.

We accept students of diverse backgrounds, such as Technology, Physics, Biomedical Physics, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Metallurgical Chemical Engineering, Food Chemistry, Biomedical Systems Engineering, Mathematics, Mathematics Applied and Computing, Renewable Energy, Biology, Medicine, and Dentistry among others.

UNAM students can consult the programs at SIASS:  https://www.siass.unam.mx/siass_admin

Students from other institutions can consult the areas of research of the CFATA academics and know their availability at the Center's Partnership Department.

Students from other educational institutions

It is possible to complete with us professional internships, stays, and residencies, among other activities, with the option of covering these academic programs through participation in research projects under the direction or advice of an academic from CFATA. To do this, it is necessary to contact the Liaisons Department and register as an external student.

Guided visits
High school and higher level students can request a guided tour to learn a little more about the research activities carried out by the Center and our master's and doctoral programs.

The visits are allowed for groups of up to 22 people and have a maximum duration of 2 hours. 

Interested persons should send the following information to vinculacion@fata.unam.mxstating the following:

  1. Name of the institution interested in making the visit. 
  2. Name and telephone number of the person responsible for the visit.
  3. Number of attendees.
  4. School grade (high school or higher.)
  5. Proposed date and time for the visit.
  6. Select the laboratory(s) to visit (max 4.)
  • Shock waves
  • Thin films
  • Applied biomaterials
  • Catalysis
  • Nanobioptics
  • Light scattering (subject to availability)

Analytical services laboratories belonging to the LaNCaM:

  • Optical spectroscopy
  • X-ray diffraction
  • Microscopy (subject to availability)
  • Mechanical tests

You will receive a confirmation email with the date and time of the visit, as well as the names of the academics who will guide you.

Student chapters

It is a group of students active in the dissemination and development of technological and scientific innovation projects. They are undergraduate and graduate students from CFATA and other institutions who carry out various academic activities encouraging the participation of all their members, as well as joint activities with other chapters.


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