Research areas


The research carried out at CFATA is of high quality, always seeking innovation with a multidisciplinary approach.
These are our Research Areas

Nanostructured materials


Nanomedicine and Nanotoxicology

Condensed matter

Food physics

Shock waves

Advanced materials



Random media optics

General physics

Numeric simulation

Our researchers have developed numerous projects within materials engineering and nanotechnology. Some with great challenges, and others with great results. But all have their own history and significance: whether they are part of a thesis, material to share in conferences, or as important papers in international publications.

As a good example, there is the development of folate polymer nanoparticles (NPs) to be used as a vehicle for anti-tumor agents, which can act selectively against cancer particles. Their innovation lies in the methodology applied, which is very simple, compared to other existing techniques. This finding was worth seeking its patent in Mexico and later its internationalization.

On the other hand, materials have been developed that mimic the superficial layers of the bacillus that cause tuberculosis, which are used both to learn more about the biology of the bacillus, and to design novel tools for vaccination and diagnosis.

Research is definitely at the core of our Institution.


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